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Bulldog Canyon, Mesa, AZ  13-FEB-2021

Adam, Amanda, Yasir and Phil met up Saturday morning at 9 am to run Bulldog Canyon N to S, from Bush Highway to SR-88, the Apache Trail.

Yasir and his stock rig did an awesome job navigating some of the technical stuff. Testament to this fact is that his skidplate never once got dinged, proof that even stock, Tacomas kick ass!

We finished up around 2:30 pm (4x4 Standard Time). Passed some friends along the way, in particular a shout out to Karen Archer and the 17 Jeeps in her caravan.

Bulldog Canyon 20FEB2021

Another Bulldog Canyon run, this time S to N, entering at the Cottonwood Gate off of SR-88 and exiting by way of the Usery Pass Gate onto Ellsworth Road. GoPro battery crapped out not even halfway through so this video never touches the "good stuff." That will have to wait until next time.

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