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Bees Knees & Gila Valley Trails,

South Mountain, Phoenix, AZ

Every now and then, the buzz about a new trail steadily increases until I just can't stand it anymore and have to check it out for myself.  Case in point:  Bees Knees.

Built in 2010, Bees Knees climbs to the top of the southern ridge in the western part of the South Mountain range.  The layout is superb. A ride up Bees Knees provides breathtaking views of South Mountain's interior Gila Valley, the Sierra Estrella moutnains to the west, Ahwatukee to the southeast, and the curved horizon of Earth to the south.  Bees Knees also provides one of the best climbing sections of trail in The Valley.

Bees Knees connects to the Gila Valley Trail to complete the loop.  There is a connector to National.  I'm saving this for next time! 

Mike provides a great write-up on his site,





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